We get so many questions that we have not had time to write them all down.  However, here are a few common ones:

Are your products Nut Free?

We are NOT a nut free bakery.  We use Pecans and Almonds in some of our products and while we try and keep the possibility of cross contamination to a minimum we would not declare any line to be "nut free".  We also use sesame seeds in the bakery as well, but no dairy, egg  or animal products are used.

Are your products suitable for Coeliacs?

Strictly speaking all our sprouted breads contain gluten and as such should not be eaten by true Coeliacs or people who know they suffer from Gluten intolerance without first seeking medical advice.  Having said that, many people tell us that they find these breads acceptable and that may be because the sprouting process affects the type or make up, as well as the quantity of the gluten present.

Your breads taste really sweet, do they really contain no added sugar?

That is correct.  The sweetness of the sprouted breads comes from the natural sprouting process.  Amounts of natural sugars produced in this way may vary from crop to crop and the speed at  which the seed sprouts.  Where we do add a sweetner, in the cakes for example, we use only organic apple juice concentrate to provide the sweetness and not sugar.  In fact we dont have any sugar on site.

Do any of your products contain dairy, meat or egg products?

No - all our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.  We use no added sugar, animal. fats or dairy products.  Our cakes use sunflower oil to replace butter and the only sweetner use is organic apple juice.

Are you products suitable for a Raw Diet?

No.  We bake our breads and cakes at normal bread baking temperatures so none of our products are suited to this form of diet.